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About Us

St.John's Anglican Church, Vankleek Hill is a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and the Deanery of Stormont. We are a welcoming church that strives "to know Christ and make him known". Visitors and newcomers are invited and welcome to attend worship services and other events anytime. Contact information for St. John's Anglican Church, Vankleek Hill can be found at the bottom of this page and visit us on Facebook at Anglican Parish of Vankleek Hill.

The parish is active in a number of parochial groups and ministries, including Christian education. There are Advent and Lenten Series and a weekly Bible study. We also have discussions on matters relating to the life of the diocese, e.g. the St. Michael Report, the questions for and responses from the episcopal nominees for Bishop, and the Diocesan Planning Study.

We are strong supporters of our local retirement residence Heritage Lodge, with monthly services, afternoon teas, and frequent visiting. We have also taken services at the Alexandria Community Nursing Home for years. Our parish has a quiet, but strong, volunteer ministry.

We support the Community Assistance Fund Enterprises as well, with their projects of: Christmas Baskets / Panier de Noël programme; the VKH Food Bank; and a Thrift Shop in Vankleek Hill. The community involvement of our members extends far beyond our church-led efforts and events.

The parish is also actively involved in local ecumenical services and events including the World Day of Prayer, Vacation Bible School, Holy Week Services, the Canadian Bible Society's "Bike for Bibles" (2006),events during the week of Christian Unity, and our own Advent Funspiel.

Contact us:

The Anglican Parish of Vankleek Hill
P.O. Box 276
5845 Church St,
Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0

St. John the Apostle, Vankleek Hill (1854):


  • 5845 Church Street, Vankleek Hill, ON
  • click for map...

History Snippet:

"The earliest services in Vankleek Hill were conducted by the Rector of Hawkesbury, as at first Vankleek Hill formed part of the Parish of Hawkesbury.... St. John's Church was opened for divine service on the 13th day of August 1854, though in an unfinished condition.... When St. John's Church was begun there were ninety-three communicants in the whole Parish of Hawkesbury, which then included L'Orignal, East Hawkesbury, Alfred, Plantaganet, Caledonia Flats and Vankleek Hill." (St. John's Anglican Church 1854-1984, p. 6)

150th Anniversary


St. John's has a few items for sale through The Review on-line store. We have our 150th Anniversary booklet and colour postcards. The 150th Anniversary booklets cost $12.00 (+ $15.00 S&H) and the postcards are $2.00 (+ $5.00 S&H). Many other items concerning Vankleek Hill and the area can be purchased at The Review On-line Boutique:

Higginson Tower Restoration

The Higginson Tower has been restored to its former glory. St. John's has granted a right-of-way to the tower across the sidewalk of the front of the church, so folks can enjoy the restored tower.For more information on the restoration project click here.



St. Paul's, Fenaghvale (1877):


  • 6330 County Road 10, Fenaghvale, ON
  • Closest town: Fournier
  • click for map...

History Snippet:

"At first the whole of Prescott was in the parish but in 1869 divisions occurred, creating the two new parishes of Vankleek Hill and Plantaganet. Vankleek Hill at first included the rear of the townships of East and West Hawkesbury and Caledonia. Later changes occurred in which Caledonia became part of the Plantaganet parish and Fenaghvale became part of the Hill Parish." (The Story of Vankleek Hill and its Environs, p. 76).


St. Paul's, East Hawkesbury (1884):

Please note that St.Paul's, East Hawkseburg is closed and is now a private dwelling. This part of the page will be here as historical information only.


  • 2210 County Road 10,
    Barb, ON
  • Closest town: St. Eugene
  • click for map...

History Snippet:

"A hundred years ago [from 1984] the area known as BARB was a small hamlet with its own school, two churches, Anglican and Methodist, a blacksmith shop, a Post Office, several cheese factories and two inns. Most of the people of BARB were dairy farmers. In the Anglican Church Archives in Ottawa, we find listed also a hewer, a merchant, a carpenter, a blacksmith and a taxidermist." (St. Paul's Anglican Church, p. 31f)





Fundraising Events

Parish Hall

Our parish hall is located in Vankleek Hill just South of St. John's and has the same address: 5845 Church St., Vankleek Hill, ON.

The hall is used by a number of groups in the community for annual meetings, dinners, training courses, receptions, birthday parties....

Inexpensive third-party insurance is available (and required) for those persons or groups who do not have insurance coverage for their events.

Below is a picture from one of St. John's 150th Anniversary events:


Green Parish Practices

  • We use china, glassware, etc. for our church dinners and social functions, avoiding the use of disposable paper/plastic dishes or cutlery.
  • We recycle paper, plastics and metal.
  • We do not water the lawns and do not plant flowers and shrubbery that would require it.
  • We have programmable thermostats and ceiling fan controllers.
  • We have recently cleaned ductwork in both hall and church.
  • We regularly change furnace filters.
  • We shut off our fridges in the hall for any extended period we will not be using them, e.g. during summer.

Vankleek Hill

Below are a few web sites dedicated to information and events in and around the Vankleek Hill area.

Statistics on Vankleek Hill

Statistics on East Hawkesbury



The Anglican Church

Below are a few links that provide information on what the Anglican Church is doing and some of its resources.

The Anglican Parish of Vankleek Hill, P.O. Box 276 Vankleek Hill, On K0B1R0

For information, please email:


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