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St.John's Anglican Church, Vankleek Hill is a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and the Deanery of Stormont. We are a welcoming church that strives "to know Christ and make him known".

For information regarding services or events, please email
or visit us on Facebook at Anglican Parish of Vankleek Hill

During 2018 after much discussion with clergy, wardens, treasurers, parish councils and congregation members, it was decided to create two Area Parishes in the Deanery of Stormont with a minister appointed to each Area Parish.

The first Area Parish created was the Area Parish of Prescott-North Glengarry with Grenville/Calumet encompassing Holy Trinty, Hawkesbury, St. John's Vankleek Hill, St. Michael of All Angels, Maxville; the Parish of Grenville/Calumet and the Chapel of St. Paul's Fenaghvale; effective June 2018.

The second being the Area Parish of the St. Lawrence encompassing Trinty, Cornwall; Christ Church Seaway, Long Sault; St. John the Evangelist, Lancaster; effective November 2018. Rev Patrick Stephens if the incumbent.

An Area Parish website is anticipated in 2021 - 2022 and until then contact information for St. John's Anglican Church, Vankleek Hill can be found at the bottom of this page and visit us on Facebook at Anglican Parish of Vankleek Hill.

Come out to worship with us and visit the area. Vankleek Hill calls itself the Gingerbread Capital of Ontario. Our service times and locations are listed on the Services page. If you want to learn a bit more about us see our About Us and our Outreach pages.

We have also included a number of on-line resources that may be of interest to you. See the Resources page for more details. There is also a section on the Resources page which includes a number of further links to local Vankleek Hill web sites, for more information about the area.





The Anglican Parish of Vankleek Hill, P.O. Box 276 Vankleek Hill, On K0B1R0

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